STYLE COLLECTION HOME started with an idea of combining sustainability and elegant design without excluding another.     

The Story
The STYLE COLLECTION HOME Story began with a vision to offer products that will be the best option seen from both design, functionality and sustainability aspects. We are tired of only being offered solutions that means a compromise in one or more of these areas. We want it all and we aim to offer it all. Whether you as a consumer are looking for good design, functionality or all of them - by choosing our STYLE COLLECTION HOME you are by default making a good decision in all of these areas. Shopping sustainable and beautiful should not be something that excludes one another. We believe that by creating what we refer to as sustainable elegance - we will make this vision reality. We aim to make your everyday a little better with interior solutions that with its elegant design will last for long yet that will support a sustainable future by having circular capabilities. 

The Design
STYLE COLLECTION HOME offers Scandinavian design with influences of French sophistication and American mindset. The collections are efficient, elegant and buildable - perfect for any home and environment striving to be as pleasant and thoughtful as possible. We want to make sure our products can be kept in a home for a long time and we want to ensure that they will not end up being stand alone pieces in the sense that you eventually do not know where to place them. By making sure our collections and designs have more sizes and colors, we believe that this will contribute to a more sustainable shopping pattern and ensure that there are many ways to explore the products you already have instead of simply replacing them. That to us is sustainable shopping.

The Products and Solutions
Every STYLE COLLECTION HOME product and solution is unique with endless opportunities and diversification possibilities. Throughout life you can build and add to every collection. The products and solutions are designed and manufactured in Scandinavia minimising the carbon footprint as well as using biodegradable, recycled, recyclable and other environmentally friendly materials to a wide extent. Our core material is rPLA which is a bioderived material originally produced from corn starch but recycled again from food packaging waste sourced in the EU. Every product and solution offered by the STYLE COLLECTION HOME will in its listing describe its environmental features. The customers will also have the option of helping making the actual shipment itself carbon neutral by our friends at EcoCart at checkout. Many of our solutions are produced on demand with the purpose of minimizing unnecessary resource use. That is why we ask our dear style collectors to bare with us and allow up to 7 days upon shipment after placed order.

Find out more about the story we want to tell in the future with the STYLE COLLECTION HOME. Explore here.

Our Philosophy

By using an original expression we provide you with an elegant design of home decor products. With our solutions made of materials with circular capabilities we create and add sophisticated and organisational elements to your everyday environment where you can build, add and also change along the way. Collecting stylish solutions throughout life - Style Collection.