Q group Christmas 2021

You have just scanned a product that was given to you by Q group as a Christmas gift in 2021. The scan was made possible by an integrated NFC product chip.


The beautiful product you have in front of you is called the Rome vase. This product was designed and made in South of Sweden. It is made from recycled berry baskets sourced in the EU made of a bioplastic that originates from cornstarch. This makes the product both recycled, recyclable as well a biodegradable. The vase has a bottom protection made from cork to ensure no scratches and better balance of the product. Cork helps absorb CO2 and is harmlessly harvested from trees. It is also because of these properties fully biodegradable. STYLE COLLECTION HOME aims to show by use of design and material what plastic products today can look like and change the perception and desire to buy, reuse and recycle these products. Sustainability can be just as stylish and functional as other environmentally inconsiderate products on the market.



Every vase has been individually made and will therefore be unique. Bear in mind that this product is 3D printed and at this scale printer lines and differences in continuity is considered normal.
Please handle this product with care. If necessary to clean please use a water damp cloth gently. Note that this product is biodegradable. In the longer run, together with earth and water it will start to degrade. We therefore can not guarantee the durability of this product. However this process outside in nature is expected to take around 60 years.
For ultimate performance and durability we recommend you to use it together with dried flowers, straws, branches etc.